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How do I choose the right He Jia solar hot water system?

• How many people live your household.
• Where you live
• Your household water demands.
• The water quality in your area.

If there is no sunshine, does that mean I will have no hot water?

All He Jia solar hot water systems have a booster built-in to ensure you are never left with a cold shower!

What applications are He Jia solar hot water systems best suited to?

He Jia Solar collectors are very versatile, they can be used in a full range of applications, these include:
• Household and residential solar hot water
• Business and commercial hot water
• Solar pre-heating systems
• Pool heating, dairy farms, Chemical treatment plants, hospitals, apartment buildings, wineries and many more.

What are the advantages of using He Jia's evacuated tube collectors?

• World-first patent design combining the advantages of tube and flat panel technology
• 10 year warranty on major components
• PTFE coated automatic curtain for overheating protection
• CPC reflectors below evacuated tubes make full use of tube absorption
• 285.5℃ stagnation temperature, more efficient than standard collectors
• Up to 40mm hail resistance
• Great cost saving with fast,easy installation

• Unique frame, easily adjusted to fit any roof.

What does He Jia mean?

He Jia is a Chinese word which means the sun makes our life wonderful.

Why should I change my existing electric system to Solar?

Installing an He Jia solar hot water system will help you
• SAVE your water heating bills
• REDUCE your household carbon emissions
• INCREASE the value of your home or property and;
• PRODUCE free hot water from the sun.

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